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Blue Lotus Flower Tea

Blue Lotus Flower Tea

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The blue lotus flower has been used for centuries in ceremony and spiritual practice, as well as a health aid.

Blue lotus is known to have mild psychoactive effects due to compounds such as nuciferine that impact serotonin and dopamine receptors that are responsible for pain management, sleep, behavior, and more.

Blue lotus is known to induce a state of euphoria, calmness, and relaxation when taken in tea and tincture form.

Blue lotus is also used as a sleep aid for the purpose of lucid dreaming or shamanic journeying, and to relieve insomnia.

Blue Lotus can also be smoked or used as incense to experience its effects.

Is blue lotus hallucinogenic?

If you’re interested in the effects of the blue lotus, there are a few things you should know first. It’s known as an entheogenic drug, which is a mind-altering substance believed to alter one’s consciousness in a spiritual or religious manner. This term is commonly used instead of hallucinogenic.

Consuming blue lotus flowers may make you feel “high” and result in a gentle euphoria. Some people have said it is a bit like the high from consuming cannabis, but it does tend to affect people differently.


    8 ounces by volume, 15-20 flowers per jar

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